QUEEN ELIZABETH II: Why Nigerians are Mourning Her More Than England

It is no longer news that QUEEN ELIZABETH II kicked the bucket on Thursday September 2022 and many Nigerian youths has gone to social media to cry and mourn her death, some are even calling her Iyenogie in Benin City Nigeria which mean Mother is King. Her death really pained Nigeria youths.

QUEEN ELIZABETH II who died at the age of 96 years old (1926-2022) visited Nigeria twice. First, in 1956 before the independence as you know the British Colonized Nigeria and as at that time Nigeria was paying tax to her government and they also took some important assets from the country. Her second visit was in 2003 but this time as an independent nation. QUEEN ELIZABETH II will be succeeded by Price Charles making him King Charles III, he is 73 years old.

Why her death really pained Nigerian youths is what surprised even the people of England, some are even calling her Mother after My Mother, some are asking “Why Her” as if they will want to die for her despite her old age. Some people are even angry that Manchester United Lost their First Europa League match on the same day she died, saying that Man U should have won to honor her as she is a Man U fan and supporter.

Popular cross dresser in Nigeria by the name James Brown fell on the floor heartbroken and crying when he heard the news, this news should have been delayed in Nigeria so that we don’t lost our vibrant youths because of this.

Here is the video

Although some Nigerian youths are angry that Queen Elizabeth II family suffered their ancestors in slavery, saying it should be a moment of celebration as it could be God punishing them. some say the youths mourning her did not mourn their own Alaafin of Oyo when he died.

The matter plenty, Lets leave it here, you can add your own contribution in the comment section below, May Her Soul Rest in Peace.

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