Top Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Research has shown that women tend to have longer life span than men. Could this be medically related or environmental related issues or does it depend on the kind of peace the man has in the relationship or men just decide to go before men, lets find out.

1. Responsibilities

Believe it or not in life men have more responsibilities than men, even in marriages, no matter how successful a woman is, a man will still want to take the responsibilities. Although we are not talking in a general case about a reasonable percentage of men with the of 50 years has more responsibilities than women of the same age group.

2. Risky Habits

Men tend to take more risk in this life no wonder they are more men in prisons than women. Also high percentage of people who involve in drug addictions are men, this make the male life span tend to be shorter than those of women in general.

3. Unhealthy Relationship

Men tend to keep more unhealthy relationships most times by marrying more than one wife and in most cases this could cause him his peace.

4. Jobs

Men tend to do more job that weakens their body thereby reducing their life span, jobs like welding has drastic effect on health and are mostly done by men. others include security jobs, omo men are trying.

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