Today is World Mental Health Day, Lets make it a global priority for all.

World Mental health day is today, October 10th and it’s theme for its campaign is “Make mental Health and wellbeing for all a global priority”. As children, we had so many dreams plus the ones which could be made possible and the ones which resides in fantasy. We lived so carefree without worries, but now the fact that our future and offspring’s depends on us is enough to burden our souls.

Mental health is something most people have neglected over the years, well maybe that is because it has been deemed a topic of no value but in truth its importance cannot be over-emphasized. Infact 90% recorded suicide cases are as a result of unstable mental health. Here are some of the things that can burden our mental health and how we can help keep it in check:

  • Bereavement: Losing a loved one isn’t palatable or easy and it’s okay to mourn, it’s okay to let the grief all out. Time heals albeit slowly but it does heal. But in the meantime, you have to steer your way through the fog of grief and try not to lose your head under it all. The state of grief can put you in a state of instability, but if you pull through with mediation, sharing with other loved ones, reliving memories eventually you’d see and appreciate how strong you are and have been to able to pull through.
  • Violence and Abuse: Sometimes in life we are served more than is humanely fair and what we can handle. Victims of Violence and all types of abuse are left with various degrees of mental burn, and now you are in control of your life after the abuse, let positivity, light and love into your life and we can only do so much from out here to show much you are loved despite your scars,. Today is one of those days and we’re sending love and light. Keep your head up, you’re a super human.
  • Severe stress: Stress comes in various forms: physical, emotional, social, health wise and so much more. This is why it’s necessary to engage in activities that unburden your heart, take a trip, a spa-date, meet with loved ones, masturdate and so many more. Unstable mental health stems primarily from stress so take a deep breathe and let it all out. Take life as it comes, we only got a chance at it.

World Mental Health Day is a day organized to push awareness about their status to people, let them know they aren’t alone and there’s hope. So push on, take a deep breathe, smile, talk and share to people about the state of mental health and what its like. We hope you’re in the best state and if you are not, you’re definitely halfway there.

Lolade Omole

Lolade Omole is a prolific writer, poet and also an active web developer.

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  1. I am glad that mental health is considered something of high importance of late. I look forward to reading your updates! ❤❤

    1. It’s really nice to see that people are now starting to take mental health seriously.. it has been ignored for far too long and many have suffered from it.. lots of awareness programs should be organized and each one of us can also do the little we can in spreading the word..

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