IVD’s wife, Bimbo sustains severe burns after domestic violence assault.

Bimbo, wife of popular businessman Ikechukwu Ogbonna has suffered severe burns following a domestic violence incident in her home and is currently in critical condition.

Bimbo, who has been with IVD since she was fifteen (15) has cried out several times about suffering from domestic abuse in her marriage. She alleged that he cheats on her, beats her up and has even held a gun to her, and all other sorts of abuses. The incident which led to her current state obviously proves that she has had enough of his abuse and attempted to end the life of her husband, her kids and hers by trying to burn their house down following an altercation in their residence in Megamound estate, Lekki Lagos on Wednesday 12th, October 2022.

The kids and IVD escaped with minor injuries but not Bimbo as various hospitals rejected her until she was finally taken into an intensive care unit. She never left her marriage despite several counts of abuse, she once asked for her kids to be taken away from her as she became mentally unstable.

Its insane how domestic violence is rampant and almost raging free, if the perpetrators can’t be brought to book then our women/men have to be taught to leave abusive homes. Lord knows what she has been through to come to the decision of taking all their lives. Netizens, on social media wishes she had left the marriage since the first assault. While it’s not easy to break it off and move on, it is better than to lose one’s life in the process. We hope the abuser will be brought to justice and she get better and move on with her kids, she deserves better. We all do.

Lolade Omole

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