“He was recorded by his friend and not our nurses” Doren hospital debunks claims of negligence.

Doren hospital, where Rico Swavey was admitted and later passed on has debunked claims that said its nurses were negligent and recorded Rico Swavey while leaving him slumped in a chair rather than attend to him immediately.

A filmed video of Rico slouched in a chair with some nurses trying to attend to him, had surfaced online after his death. Netizens, have reacted angrily about the fact that he wasn’t attended to immediately rather was being filmed in his critical state, and have called out to the hospital, taking the nurses in the alleged video under fire for unprofessionalism. In the video, laughter was heard in the background, before one of the nurses requested that no one should film the scene and help lift Rico to another room and that was when the video was ended. Recall that even at the scene of his accident, he was being videoed while a man struggled to lift him. Apparently some spectators prefer to watch and record rather than offer a helping hand which is totally inhumane and wrong. We can only wonder if Rico might still be alive if he was helped on time.

Doren’s Managements’ claim is coming after one of the nurses in the video identified as Blessing Ugbangha Ubi on Facebook said that the good efforts made by nurses are always ignored and tainted and the bad ones make the trend instead. She claimed the laughter wasn’t from the nurses but rather gatemen, and none were recording the scene. In Doren’s report that was released stated that Rico who was brought in unconscious was smelling of alcohol. The hospital also stated that it was the good Samaritan who brought him to their hospital and his female friend who was called after his (Rico’s) phone was searched, that filmed him to exonerate themselves from being implicated for his condition and that none of their nurses even laughed talk more of making a video.

Sadly Rico died from the injuries he sustained from his accident on Thursday, he was only 29 years old. May his soul rest in perfect peace, Amen.

Lolade Omole

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