The silent twins: A movie based on the true life story of June and Jennifer Gibbons, twins bound by a death pact to speak only to each other.

THE SILENT TWINS is an intriguing movie produced by Letitia Wright based on the true life story of June and Jennifer Gibbons. Twins who had slowly receded and stopped communicating with the world. Letitia Wright as June Gibbons and Tamara Lawrance as Jennifer Gibbons starred in this creepily sensational story of the silent twins.

Born on April 11th, 1963 in Wales to Gloria and Aubrey Gibbons who worked with the Royal airforce and never really settled at one location. The twin babies speaking developed slowly, with a speech impediment and used signs only they could understand. Their parents found it hard to understand what they said and the twins eventually stopped trying to repeat themselves which led to their habit of not speaking and they just grew into that habit. Bullied in their all-white school caused more receding, then a doctor who found their case extra-ordinary insisted they be transferred to a special school. Diagnosed with elective mutism and schizophrenia, the twins were bad for each other as they greatly influenced and depended on each other. They were split up but that ended after June cried all day, did nothing at all, refused to eat and more. It was like a game, only that no adult enjoyed whatever was playing between the twins.

The twins were both novelists and lived in their world of fantasy, this was how they met with Marjorie Wallace who wrote about their story. They occasionally fought and attempted killing each other. They had a burst of adolescence and lusted after American boys who gave them a taste of love, sex and fun they had never had but the boys somewhat were a bad influence. Introduced into a life of crime, they stole from and burnt down a tractor store and was sentenced to prison indefinitely for their crimes. All this while, it was known that for them to live freely one of them would have to die. Jennifer Gibbons died on their release from prison, and it was said that she died for June to live and now June lives for both of them.

The movie is definitely one to watch as Letitia offers us insights into the tight bond and death pact between the twins. For our book lovers, Marjorie Wallace provides us, through their diaries and journals of the twins with a biography of the twins in the book titled in line with the movie. The chills, emotions and rides with “the silent twins” will leave you hungry for more on their intriguing story.

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