2-month-old baby loses arm after cruel father beats him with a hanger.

A man, by the name Confidence Amatobi has beaten the right hand off his 2 months old child, Miracle for an unjustifiable reason of his (the baby’s) incessant crying and therefore disturbing his (Confidence) sleep at his apartment.

It’s just simply wickedness and cruelty that would make a father do this to his child. Confidence had been beat Miracle with a plastic hanger till his (the baby’s) hand broke and had to be amputated. If the man is on the run or just yet-to-be apprehended, it is not known but what we do know is that he has to be caught and prosecuted for this heinous crime to this harmless soul.

One can only wonder what a two month old baby, who isn’t even capable of talking can do to a young man to the extent he was so provoked at the baby and then used a plastic hanger to beat him mercilessly. Information gathered from the mother’s interview with BBC pidgin said, she had left the baby with the father to go and ease herself. On coming back, she heard the baby’s loud cries and rushed in only to meet the father beating the baby with a hanger after which he used a rope to tie the hand round and said to the mother that he was still a little baby which meant the hand would heal fast. He then threatened the mother so as to avoid her from speaking the truth to people. After he left, she went with the baby to ask her neighbor for help, who gave her money and then proceeded to the first, second and third hospitals all in which they were rejected.

On getting to this hospital where the child was eventually accepted, the hand had gone from bad to worse. Graphic pictures circulating the internet, but cannot be posted showed the arm of the baby swollen, decayed and darkened. The doctor, interviewed by BBC pidgin claimed the hand couldn’t been savaged as blood wasn’t flowing to the arm anymore and the germs in it will cause further injury to the baby and which the only option was to amputate the beautiful baby’s hand.

The mother claimed she has been with the guy for four years, in which when she got pregnant she went to be with her aunt in Anambra state where she put to bed before going to join the man in his house. She is 20 years of age as of the occurrence of the incident. The man has to be caught and charged to court for this heinous deed.

Lolade Omole

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  1. Most times; we have parents who thought discipline is a military exercise. Such, is found mostly in this part of the country. This requires global awareness. Educating parents on how to treat a child.

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