Two-months-old baby whose arm was amputated has allegedly died.

Miracle, the beautiful (two) 2-months-old baby who was beaten with a plastic hanger by his father, Confidence Amatobi has allegedly passed on. Miracle who had earlier on this week, had his right arm amputated from an undeserved beating from his dad had shook netizens, filling them with raging angry, sad and bitter variants of emotions.

As earlier reported on, information gathered after engaging an interview with Miracle’s mother and the doctor involved in the case, it was known how and when the incident had occurred. Miracle was dealt a heavy hitting on his right arm which had caused his bones to break. After being threatened by Confidence not to reveal the truth to anyone, she (Miracle’s) had taken to her neighbor’s house for help where she proceeded to three (3) hospitals but was rejected. It is not certain the duration between the day of the incident and when he was taken to a hospital who admitted him, but it had definitely gone from bad to worse from that duration and the arm had to be taken out to save the baby from death. Its heartbreaking that he succumbed to the cold grasp of death.

Friday, 29th October had a young man Kanu Garba confirming the baby’s death in a tweet on a social media platform saying:

“The two-month-old baby who was beaten by his father for disturbing his sleep died today. Before his death the hand injured had to be amputated. The father can now sleep peacefully”

Although the suspect is still at large, as there are no confirmed reports of his arrest. When the spokesman of the Imo Police Command, CSP Mike Abattam was interviewed, he said no official complaint has been received by the police. Either ways, with the several organizations hopping on this case, we can only hope, support and fight for Justice to be served for this dastardly act by this 31-year-old father. May the soul of beautiful Miracle rest in perfect peace.

Lolade Omole

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