SHOCKING!! Meet the only Nigerian who holds Four Guinness World records.(PHOTOS)

It’s one thing to get one Guinness world record, that’s like achieving something no one else has ever gotten or topping someone else’s and that is amazing but not easy nonetheless. Now think about holding FOUR records!! That is simply mind-blowing. Meet Adetunwase Adenle, the only Nigeran citizen to own Four (4) Guinness World record to his name. About 41 Nigerian citizens are Guinness world record holders but Mr Adenle is the only netizen to hold four records till date. Through a glimspe at his world records, it is safe to say Adenle is children-oriented and not just any kind of child but the marginalized ones all over.

Adetunwase Adenle who is a Fine arts Teacher, Marketing consultant and artist, graduated from the Federal College of education, Akoka where he studied Fine and applied arts. Adenle who is also the CEO and co-founder of Ecole de Dessin school of Art which is actually French for Drawing school and is a school that majors in arts creations, events amongst others. His first world record in Guinness world records is the World’s largest painting by numbers. The largest painting which measures about 63.5m x 49.3m and is as large as a football field was painted by three hundred and fifty (350) volunteers in celebration of Nigeria at 50 years of independence and also created with the aim of teaching less privileged and marginalized kids how to draw and paint.

Coming behind the first world record, the next world record is the highest number of children to read together at the same time and at the same place with an adult to encourage the habit of reading in youngsters all around the country. There was roughly an estimated number of four thousand two hundred and twenty-two (4,222) children who participated, reports stated. That is indeed a staggering amount of children to read at the same time.

Adetunwase Adenle had another feat which put his name in the Guinness world record for the third time, which was getting the highest number of children to wash their hands at the same time. The sole motive was to encourage and make children more aware of their hygienic state. You see why he was said to be children-oriented. Getting a large number of children to execute a task must have been breath-taking.

For the final Record, Adetunwase and of course a substantial amount of children created the world biggest post office stamp as pictures depicted above. This was done to celebrate Lagos at 50 with the assistance of Lagos government. Adenle, a man with passion for what he does is currently working on creating the largest photo album and manages Digital Art Library which specializes in educating and training youth and kids with Tech skills in a fast technological developing country.

The Nigerian teacher has certainly left footprints in his wake with these records to his name.

Lolade Omole

Lolade Omole is a prolific writer, poet and also an active web developer.

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