Atiku, Unlike Tinubu And Peter Obi Will Support Nollywood – Kazeem Tanimu

Unlike Peter Obi and Tinubu, Atiku will make investments in Nollywood – Kazeem

According to Tanimu Kazeem, the founder of Atiku 100 percent and a young entrepreneur in Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar, the candidate for president of the People’s Democratic Party, will promote the Nollywood industry by ensuring its success and parity with American Hollywood.

The President Buhari Administration has not treated Nollywood fairly, claims Kazeem in Abuja.

According to him, Tinubu of the All Progressive Congress and Peter Obi of the Labour Party will hurt Nollywood more if they are elected president given their attitudes against the industry.

Atiku, who loves Nollywood, will create film towns at various shooting locations across the nation, according to Kazeem, just like his running mate Governor Ifeanyi Okowa did in Delta State.

“As a consummate businessman, Atiku is aware of Nollywood’s enormous influence and the associated economic rewards.

“Nollywood, the tenacious and ubiquitous film industry of Nigeria, has established itself as a global force with a huge following in Africa and among the African diaspora.

“It is the continent’s greatest in terms of value, number of annual films, revenue, and popularity. It is anticipated to be the second-largest film sector globally with a projected value of $6.4 billion in 2021.

“Nigeria makes over 2,500 movies a year, and a responsible government should capitalize on this.

According to Atiku’s campaign website, “With Atiku as President, Nollywood will be given the necessary support to make it Thrive and be at Par with America’s Hollywood, by giving the Industry the necessary Subventions and helping to facilitate the Building of film villages across the various Film Locations in the Country.”

“Under an Atiku Presidency, Nollywood will be one of our biggest exports; it will be given the necessary support and subsidies, piracy will be fought to a standstill, and loans will be made available to filmmakers, to enhance creativity and make them on par with their More Advanced, Foreign Counterparts.

I thus urge all movie professionals to unite behind and support Atiku Abubakar’s candidacy, for a more vibrant Nollywood and most importantly, for an economically prosperous Nigeria, he added.

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