Imo State Man, 20 Divorce Wife, 17 Barely Eight Months After Wedding

A Nigerian guy divorced his 17-year-old wife just eight months after they were married.

The native of Imo state announced the dissolution of his marriage on social media, calling it the worst mistake he had ever made to marry his ex-wife. The young man claimed that while he had anticipated his wedding to be the best day of his life, the reality was quite different.

After eight months of marriage, the 20-year-old Nigerian man and his young bride, 17, have announced their separation. The worst decision of his life, he claimed, was to marry her.

"Being alone is preferable to being with someone like her. I came out to inform everyone that we are no longer a couple for that reason," He wrote on the clip. 

The saddest day of his life, in his opinion, was the day of his wedding. “I believed that the day of my wedding would be the happiest day of my life. It ended up being the most depressing day of my life.
In another video, he discussed how he repeatedly tried to talk to his ex-wife, but she wouldn’t listen.

“The worst mistake I ever made was marrying a 17-year-old girl. I’m hoping for the best for her,” he wrote on the video.

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