Woman Confused As DNA Proves Child Is Not Husband’s, Claims She Never Cheated

A woman from Ghana claims she never cheated despite a DNA test proving her child is not her husband’s.

Popular Facebook influencer David Bondze-Mbir told the tale of a perplexed Ghanaian woman. It was revealed that the woman, who had never cheated on her husband, had learned that the child was not his.

A young woman who confided in her doctor about a fairly unexpected development is looking for solutions online.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said to well-known social media influencer David Bondze-Mbir that she wanted to have tests done on one of her children after noticing some unusual traits in that youngster. The woman claims that she decided to perform a covert DNA test on the young girl and the results revealed that the child is hers but that her husband is not the child’s father.

The woman claims that this is perplexing because she had never had an extramarital relationship before meeting her spouse.

In a comment on his article, David Bondze-Mbir stated: “She is telling the truth when she says she has only known her spouse. The likelihood of a child inheriting only one parent’s DNA is suggested by some medical specialists, and this is scientifically supported.”

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