Roy Keane Criticize Brazil’s Victory Dance, Calls Them “DISRESPECTFUL”

Brazil beat South Korea 4-1, and Roy Keane criticized the dance celebrations, calling them “VERY RUDE.”

In their World Cup Round of 16 matches, Tite’s team was at the top of their game as they sprinted to a 4-0 lead inside the opening 36 minutes.

Brazil delighted themselves in celebration after doing a celebratory dance after every strike as they broke out the samba style in Qatar, in addition to goals from Vinicius Jr, Neymar, Richarlison, and Lucas Paqueta.

Coach Tite and teams dancing

Richarlison ran to the Brazil coach’s bench and danced around him to get head coach Tite engaged.

While the rest of the football world celebrated Brazil’s victory in style, Manchester United legend Keane wasn’t as impressed.

I’ve never seen so much dancing, Keane remarked during the ITV halftime show. It reminds me of watching Strictly!

The Irishman continued by expressing his disgust with the festivities.

Keane responded, “I don’t like this,” when asked if Brazil was making fun of them.

“It’s 4-0, and they keep doing it.

Keane wasn't too taken aback by what he observed, saying, "I know it's about culture, but I believe it's incredibly insulting and disrespectful to the opposition.

I’m fine with the first jig, but what about after that and the manager getting involved? It makes me unhappy and I don’t think it’s at all good.

Tite, the manager of Brazil, stated that his participation in the festivities had been planned before and wasn’t intended to make fun of the South Koreans.

In response to Richarlison’s request, Tite remarked, “I said if you show it to me, I’ll do it, but we have to be careful because other people would say it was disrespectful.”

“I didn’t want it to be taken the wrong way as anything other than a feeling of happiness for the outcome and the goal, and not that we were disrespecting our opponent, which was not the case,” the author said.

People like Keane, in Dean Ashton’s opinion, should loosen up.

Ashton responded, “You’re so grumpy,” to Adrian Durham’s query about whether the celebrations would be seen as rude. The World Cup is on!

“What it means to players when they score a goal in the World Cup. Over the years, Brazilians have cherished the festive aspect of it.

“When I think of players like Bebeto, I always see them sprinting to the bench and diving headfirst into a sea of yellow and green tracksuits.

“I’m fine with it. The excitement of scoring a goal should be celebrated, so let them dance and have fun.

Brazil won 4-1 despite Paik Seung-goal ho’s for South Korea in the second half. Naturally, there was no dancing after achieving that objective.

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