Man Gave His Ghanian Girlfriend A Surprise Visit And Caught Her Cooking For Him With Her Menstrual Blood

Chizom revealed on Twitter that he broke up with his ex after discovering her trying to prepare rice for him using her menstrual blood.

He was responding to a question on why guys stopped communicating with their romantic interests. He happened to see the tweet and chose to share his experience.

According to Chizom, when he returned home to surprise his then-girlfriend, he discovered her rinsing off her bloody discharge into a pot of rice that she was cooking for him.

"The first time she was cooking for me, she rinsed off the blood from her period pad and poured the water into the rice she was preparing for me," he tweeted. Just to catch her off guard, I returned home and caught her in the act. If anyone thinks this is a joke, he continued, "remember that the lady was from Ghana, and her companion told her to do it.

According to reports, the woman’s friend gave her the advice to ingest her unhealthy period blood to get spiritual dominance over her partner’s life.

Many women, particularly in Africa, have occasionally told tales of performing the same behavior or witnessing others do so to win over the desired male.

It is said that by doing this, the man will be completely devoted to you, ignoring other women and being at your beck and call at the touch of a button.

Such women are perceived as gold diggers who just enter men’s lives to take advantage of them financially before abandoning them.

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