Mother At Risk Of Going Blind After Getting Eye Inked Says She Regrets

A mother of five ignored her daughter’s advice to avoid getting her eyeballs tattooed since it could result in blindness; as a result, she is now experiencing vision loss.

The Australian model Amber Luke, who tattooed her eyeballs a vibrant blue and then remained blind for three weeks, inspired Anaya Peterson, a law student. Despite Luke regaining her sight, it appears that 32-year-old Peterson may permanently lose her sight.

"At first, I only intended to have one [eye tattoo] because I reasoned that if I went blind, at least I'll still have my other eye. I ought to have persisted in it, Peterson remarked. "My daughter, 7, warned me not to get that tattoo, saying, "What if you go blind?" She had no interest in it.

She now regrets not paying attention to her sage 7-year-old. The woman from Belfast, Northern Ireland, was hospitalized due to the modification of her eyeball following a possible ink reaction, and she now claims that cataracts are a possibility.

“My 20/20 vision is no longer present. I can’t make out characteristics on faces from here,” she remarked. “I wouldn’t be experiencing this issue if I hadn’t had my eyeballs tattooed. Even today, when I woke up, my eyes had more floaters. It’s risky, too.

However, her horrific tattoo story didn’t start on such a rocky note; for months after getting her right eye tattooed blue in July 2020, she had no issues. She decided to tattoo her left eyeball purple in December of that year despite experiencing some dryness and headaches.

Things began to go wrong in August 2021. One morning, she awoke with eyelids that were excessively swollen and appeared as though she had “five rounds with Mike Tyson.” She decided to check herself into the hospital as the symptoms got worse. There, she received intravenous medicine for three days and had her problematic eye biopsied by medical professionals.

To be completely honest, all I wanted to do was watch TV at home. I even find it difficult to express. It wasn’t pleasant in the least,” she recalled. “It was traumatic to experience. I simply recall saying to myself, “I’m not doing that s—t again, with the eye tattoo.” I will not engage in that behavior ever again.

The enthusiast for body modification was discharged from the hospital “on the mend,” but she now regrets her initial choice to have the whites of her eyes inked.

“On the exterior, it’s recovered. I guess I am. Just inside, that is. In essence, I’m about to go blind,” she remarked. “I would have only done one black [eye tattoo] and left it if I could go back in time. I would have performed a black. Absolutely.”

Peterson maintains her optimism in the face of unfavorable internet remarks despite the gloomy prognosis.

I advise my daughter to disregard other people’s opinions since they are merely regular individuals just like you, she added. You receive both positive and bad feedback, but negative feedback always outweighs the positive.

Australian influencer Luke, who served as Peterson’s inspiration, asserts that a well-executed eyeball tattoo should never cause blindness.
When she lost her vision for three weeks, she previously said, “Unfortunately, my artist went too deep into my eyeball.” “You’re not meant to go blind at all if your ocular operation is done correctly.”

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