Sit-At-Home: Gunmen Killed Nollywood Actor Osita Iheme’s (Pawpaw) Brother In Imo State

Gunmen assaulted the capital of Imo state, Owerri, Mbaitoli, and other locations on Friday, killing Prince Iheme, the older brother of well-known Nollywood actress Osita Iheme.

The attackers also hurt Martin Eke, the state’s commissioner for solid minerals.

People had to flee for safety as the militants in Tundra operating trucks shot erratically.

Commercial operations were immediately suspended, and the streets were deserted as drivers fled in their abandoned cars.

Orji, a neighborhood close to Owerri, was also invaded by armed individuals wearing black clothing who attacked locals, bystanders, and security personnel.

"They just killed a policeman now," he said. They started shooting at them while yelling, "There is a sit-at-home." You have been told to return home. Stay inside."

According to a witness who requested anonymity, “This attack had political motivations. We had just finished a political event and were on our way to Ubommiri. Before Ubommiri, our convoy was ambushed at Amawuihe.

“The Commissioner for Solid Minerals was traveling in the same vehicle as Prince Iheme, Osita Iheme’s brother. The elder brother of Pawpaw, Prince Iheme, was immediately murdered. The commissioner who took office two weeks ago was severely wounded. He’s just been taken urgently to the hospital. They were in a Ford SUV while driving. Hope he survives.

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