Presidential Candidate Peter Obi Storms Ibadan; I Will Bring Nigeria To Her Promise Land

At the first and second convocation ceremonies of the Dominican University, Ibadan, Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi declared himself the best-qualified person to lead Nigeria and stated he would be elected because he possessed the qualities to lead the nation to the promised land.

“My number one structure is God, my number two structure is the human being, and my number three structure is you people because you believe in me and what I am saying,” he declared.

“The current social structure is one of crime and underdevelopment. The nation has been destroyed by these buildings. So, the question is: Do you prefer a new structure or do you want to keep the current one?

"Let them bring their statistics if they claim I provided unreliable data. They cannot claim that I provide inaccurate statistics while doing so. I only make commitments I can keep.

“The task at hand demands both physical and cerebral energy; it is up to you to determine who is most likely qualified to complete the assignment. The only way we can lift people out of poverty is by moving Nigeria from consumption to production, which is what I aim to accomplish if I am elected. Things will improve if we can provide jobs and opportunities for people.

“I’ll spend money on my health and education. To guarantee that individuals are educated at the fundamental level, we shall begin with basic education. We’ll find a solution at the tertiary level that will allow the system to function effectively without our students going on strike.

Ibadan needs federal presence, he continued. Big is Oyo. Ibadan is as big as Lagos in terms of size.

There are around four million people residing in Ibadan, making it larger than Lagos in terms of population. With so many young people out of work, this city needs special attention from the federal government.

We can spend money on education in this state. There are several schools in Ibadan. Ibadan’s College of Medicine used to attract visitors. Today, the situation is the opposite.

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