Reason I Deleted My Tweet Condemning Deborah’s Murder – Atiku

Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, claimed that the tweet he deleted earlier this week condemning the killing of Deborah Samuel, a student who was killed for supposed blasphemy, was circulated without his permission.

Shehu Shagari College of Education Sokoto student Deborah, a Christian enrolled in the 200-level program, was slain by other students in May after allegedly insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

Atiku was asked why he removed the tweet that denounced the incident during the Channels Television town hall meeting on Sunday.

Atiku responded, "I requested the tweet be deleted because I typically approve every tweet, and since I did not approve the post, I requested that it be erased. You can see that I denounced that murder in my later statement.

There is no excuse for such a horrible crime, read a tweet sent on Atiku’s verified profile after Deborah was killed. Deborah Yakubu was murdered, and those responsible must be held accountable. I offer her family and friends my sympathies.

A few hours after publishing the tweet, Atiku removed it and apologized on Facebook.

The former vice president disassociated himself from the statement in a post on his verified Hausa page. Additionally, he claimed that any social media post lacking the letters “A. A.” was not his.

"This evening, I learned that a post had been created that conflicts with my directives. This is my way of saying that any posts that don't include A. A. are not mine. May God keep us safe," he wrote in Hausa.

But after his acts, the former vice president faced criticism.

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