After Losing A Family Member, Enraged Father-son Duo Beat Up A Doctor And Nurse

After losing a family member, an enraged father and son attacked a doctor and a nurse at the Federal Medical Centre, Idi-Aba, Abeokuta, on Tuesday.

The emergency ward of the hospital experienced chaos at 2:00 am on Tuesday, our correspondent learned, just after a patient, a 53-year-old woman, passed away.

Dr. Kunle Ashimi, the chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association’s Ogun State Chapter, spoke out against the attack on two medical professionals by the patient’s son and husband during a press conference.

While the name of the nurse was unknown, Ashimi claimed that Dr. Pelumi Somorin was the doctor who had been attacked.

He added that when the doctor informed the father and son that their relative had passed away, they smacked him.

A 53-year-old woman with a severe kind of heart failure was admitted to the hospital, according to Ashimi, and it will take more than a miracle for her to survive, according to all the tests, including the ones she brought from the referral center.

She had reached the latter stages of heart failure, in other terms. Although the family members were informed of this when she was brought to the institution, we still believe in miracles and feel that we should try our utmost to see what might happen.

“With the right treatment, one other person in a similar condition has previously improved.

“Unfortunately, this patient passed away about two in the morning, and when the news of her passing reached the doctor treating her, the deceased’s son and husband flocked to him.

The doctor suffered a slap from each of them, after which they surrounded her and only nearby bystanders managed to save her.

The DPO of Kempta Police Station led the police squad to the spot after the police were duly called.

The deceased person’s kid attacked a nurse despite the police being present, and all attempts to reason with him failed.

The two were eventually transferred to the Kemta Police Station, where the assaulted doctor, nurse, and witnesses’ accounts were also recorded.

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