Argentina Considers Printing Lionel Messi’s Image On It’s Currency After Winning The World Cup

After leading the South American country to its third World Cup victory in history, Lionel Messi may soon be seen on Argentinian money.

Throughout the competition in Qatar, the 35-year-old superstar was magnificent for his nation, scoring seven goals and dishing out three assists.

Following the championship game, Messi also rightfully won the prestigious Golden Ball trophy, becoming the first player in history to earn Player of the Tournament honors at two different World Cups.

But now that Messi is back in his native Rosario, the praise for his achievements doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

According to El Cronista, Messi’s image may appear on the 1,000 pesos (around £4.75) bill as the Argentina Central Bank considers the idea. This would be a homage to his renowned number 10 shirt.

According to the report, the concept was first proposed as a joke. However, the idea was well-liked by bank presidents Lisandro Cleri and Eduardo Heckler, both of whom are avid football supporters.

Even further, Heckler claimed that a currency featuring Messi would “awaken the collecting passion of Argentines.”

Argentina has a history of making decisions of this nature as well; in fact, the country produced a series of commemorative coins in 1978 when it won its first World Cup.

In the short time since the news broke, a mock-up of the potential design for the newly created notes has already surfaced.

The bill’s front features Messi’s image and a message honoring Argentina’s triumph at the 2022 World Cup.

On the other hand, a picture of the nation raising the prized trophy at Lusail Stadium will appear on the reverse.

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