President Muhammadu Buhari – “I Tried My Best For Nigeria, But It’s Not Good Enough.”

President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari claims that despite his greatest efforts to improve Nigeria, he is still subject to harassment.

But he said that he doesn’t think his efforts have been sufficient for the nation.

“I believe that I am being harassed. In a video screened Friday night at a private dinner in Abuja hosted by his family and friends to commemorate his 80th birthday, Mr. Buhari stated, “I feel I’m trying my best, but my best is not good enough.

“Celebrating A Patriot, A Leader, An Elder Statesman” was the event’s slogan.

In response to a question about the subject, he stated, “I wonder if I am going to miss much.”

The president, who took office in 2015 following three prior tries, has frequently stated that he would not only do his best for Nigeria but that he was also eager to retire to his hometown after his second term in May 2023.

“I eagerly anticipate finishing in 2023 and returning home to run my farm. I will work hard to advance the interests of the country and its citizens between now and then, as well as fulfill my constitutional obligations, the president vowed.

I can’t wait to leave. I can attest that it hasn’t been easy. He stated, “I thank God that people recognize the personal sacrifices we have been making.

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