Witchcraft _ Speculations As Lady Laments Over Soldier Ant Attack On Her Pot Of Food (Video)

A young woman bemoans the soldier ants that invaded her flat without warning and attacked her pot of Jollof rice.

Soldier ants were seen nesting around a saucepan of jollof rice in a video that has been making the rounds on social media.

The lady claimed that she had intended to go back to her pot of food at home, but to her astonishment, the ant armies had already arrived.

Unfortunately, she decided to forgo the decadent pot of Jollof in favor of the local garri, also known as cassava flakes.

A social media user responded, “Next time, please keep your kitchen clean, really clean, this one is not a witchcraft, clean,” in response.

“This is Pure Witchcraft,” a concerned user further stated.

Check out the video below.

View additional responses below.

In contrast, if they are merely moving around without causing any damage, M.D. Malvin advised: “Put sugar in a bow, add water, and sprinkle.”

“Where I’m from, when this happened, it symbolizes success is at the Conner. Pray for it. Blessings are on the way to you,” said Fuseini M. Amin.

Goosebumps all over me as I was watching it, remarked OluboriOluwakemi. Go find a new rental property instead.

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