CALABAR CARNIVAL: Out Of Control Truck Crush Many To Death And Injured Others

Following public outrage over a rumored car accident in Calabar, more than 20 people have been hurt, and many more have died.

Balarabe Sule, the state’s commissioner of police, stated, “I cannot confirm the exact number of deaths at this time, but I can report that more than 20 people have been injured.I assisted in transporting a sizable number of the injured and a few bodies to three facilities in Calabar.

Eyewitnesses reported that a vehicle lost control and veered into an unaware throng at the ongoing Calabar Carnival, killing more least ten people, including onlookers.

A carnival path called Mary Slessor Road is where the event took place at around 4 o’clock.The parades for superbikes and exotic automobiles were scheduled for today by the carnival organizers. But it was a late start.

According to the eyewitnesses, the automobile that spun out was not one of the carnival cars.”We witnessed the truck slam into the crowd of onlookers, hawkers, and Bogobiri locals after it came from the opposite direction of the carnival procession.

“As many as ten people are thought to have died,”Because one of his relatives was killed in the disaster, Abdullahi Mohammed, one of the local inhabitants, claimed he is unable to communicate.

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