Driver And Commuter Shot In Both Legs While Fleeing From Gunmen In Ekiti

On Boxing Day in the Ajani Local Council Area of Ekiti State, gunmen opened fire at a car on the Oke Ako-Ipao route.

The driver was unfortunate since he was shot in both legs, but the passenger managed to escape unharmed as the automobile was driven to safety.

The commuter who narrowly escaped being abducted the day after Christmas reported that the gunmen were eight, according to a source at Oke Ako who provided details about the incident.

The driver was hit by gunfire and is currently still in the hospital, but thank God no one else was taken.

The injured driver was traveling with a passenger when the collision occurred on Oke Ako-Ipao Road, according to a different source. To prevent them from kidnapping, the gunmen opened fire on his car after emerging from nowhere.

“But he didn’t stop, not realizing that the shots had struck his legs as well as the car’s body. He realized there was blood on his legs and that he had been hit when he stopped in Ayedun, and as a result, he was brought to a hospital in Ikole, Ekiti.

“While he was receiving treatment at the hospital, it was found that bullets were lodged in his legs; as a result, he was sent to another hospital in Ado Ekiti. Today (Tuesday), we transported him to Ado Ekiti, the source claimed.

They were roadside thieves who intended to waylay commuters to rob them, according to Prince Michael Ogungbemi, Chairman of the Ajani LCDA, who insisted that it was not a kidnapping attempt.

Kidnappers don’t work that way, you know. I was there to investigate the issue with police officers and Department of State Services personnel, and we quickly determined that kidnappers were not involved.

The council chief remarked, “It was late before we obtained information, and by the time we mobilized the security network to the location, the crooks had departed.”

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