REA: There Is No Justification For The Government To Not Provide Electricity

Governors have no justification for failing to supply energy for their states, according to Michael Oluwagbemi, a board member of the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) who represents the South-West.

He contends that the Concurrent List of the 1999 Constitution’s provision regarding electricity grants state governments the same authority as the federal government to deliver electricity.

This was in line with his statement that the South-West will greatly benefit from REA measures in 2022 thanks to the installation of 160 kilometers of streetlights and projects with an impact on the grid of almost 100 megawatts.

“I must continue to say this and I know that many of our state governors won’t like to hear that power is on the Concurrent List in the Constitution and not on the Exclusive List,” Oluwagbemi said in Ado-Ekiti yesterday while giving an account of his stewardship as the South-representative West’s on the REA board. According to the Constitution, state governments must offer just as much electricity as the federal government.

“The Constitution is there, even though I did not write it. Airports are currently on the Exclusive List in Nigeria, although I have never heard of a state government attempting to develop an airport and being refused permission to do so. State governors have no justification for avoiding participation in and power generation from the micro grid.”

“We should question the governors about their decision to cut off power to some states. You can point the finger at BEDC and other organizations, but ultimately, state governments are in charge of regulating distribution corporations.

According to that clause of the Constitution, the states are in charge of generation, transmission, and distribution, while the federal government is solely in charge of generation and transmission. Therefore, appropriately created regulatory organizations by the House of Assembly can outlaw the discos that run in your states.

“For instance, there is no reason why states in the South West shouldn’t establish power development organizations to assume these private developers’ tasks. They can simply establish power development businesses, visit REA, and receive free money. REA offers $500 for each connection. As long as they are listed as a Limited Liability Company, they will receive it. It’s a course of action that our governors ought to take.

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