ZOMBIE VIRUS/DRUGS: Viral Videos Of People Acting Strange In The US Sparked Reactions

Days after scientists rescued several “zombie viruses” from Siberian permafrost, including one that was estimated to be close to 50,000 years old, the “zombie virus” theory emerges.

A rumor that these people are infected by a “zombie virus” was sparked by viral recordings showing people acting strangely and being unable to stand in American cities. The odd behavior has been attributed to drugs by other logical theories.

On the streets of Philadelphia, two women were observed moving extremely slowly, flailing their arms, and losing their composure. The person who uploaded the video most likely shot it from his automobile.

The footage was recorded in broad daylight on the pavement outside of a business.In another image, a man can be seen crouching low to the ground, but he is not touching the ground.

The Twitter user captioned the first video, “Brooo, what’s happening in the USA,” and the second image, “This dude is gone.”

Many users noted that due to widespread drug misuse, these were frequent occurrences in many regions of the country today. While many expressed sympathy for the victims, others were caustic, telling them to get their lives together and stop doing drugs.

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