400 Armored Vehicles Have Been Approved By Buhari For The FCT, Nasarawa, And Portions Of Niger State.

The purchase of 400 armored vehicles for the Brigade Guards to protect the Federal Capital Territory, Nasarawa State, and portions of Niger State has been approved by President Muhammadu Buhari.

On December 28, shortly after receiving the president’s honor, Major-General Mohammed Usman, the Brigade of Guards’ newly promoted Commander, revealed this in a speech of thanks.

The officer was awarded the title of Major-General by Buhari with the help of the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Faruk Yahaya, and the commander’s wife, Dr. Rekiya Usman.

Buhari praised Usman and said: “Those who work with me are aware of how challenging I am to please. But I’ve never had any reason at all to bring you up with the Minister of Defense or the Chief of Army Staff.”

Buhari, who acknowledged being “No one has been able to touch me while you are here, Usman said, adding that he was “very satisfied” with his performance. I’m utterly pleased with what you did.”

Usman thanked the President for his outstanding support of the Brigade of Guards in his remarks, citing the approval for the purchase of 400 armored vehicles as proof. He claimed that this number of vehicles was sufficient to secure his assigned area, which included the Federal Capital Territory, Nasarawa State, and portions of Niger State.

He expressed happiness about the promotion and promised that it would motivate him to perform even better in his current duties.

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