Clergymen Fights Over Who Should Lead Worship In A White Garment Church (Video)

A video of two senior officiating pastors debating who would lead worship in a white robe church is going viral online.

Senior officiating ministers were observed arguing in front of the church about who would conduct the service that day. The males were shouting at each other and were heard speaking Yoruba.

See what transpired.

It took place in the US. The service was scheduled to be led by the instigator. He was, however, a little late. A different senior member was requested to take over and direct the service. Mr. Latecomer believed that it was still early enough in the service for him to regain his responsibility and lead the service as he had been assigned to do. Although the other person sincerely felt that he had begun and meant to complete the ceremony, it is not considered to be a service according to church rules. It’s almost abominable to stand up and leave the altar in the middle of worship. He had no choice. He needed to remain put.

View the video here

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