Popular Native Doctor Akwa Okuko Tiwara Builds A Hotel In Anambra Worth Millions Of Naira, Invites An Anglican Priest To Dedicate It.

The Church of Nigeria responds to the launching of a new hotel in Oba, Anambra, by a native doctor, Akwa Okuko Tiwara Aki, who is an ecclesiastical priest, Venerable Gideon Arinzechukwu Uzomechina.

It was revealed that Ven. Gideon Arinzechukwu Uzomechina is not an Anglican priest, according to the church of Nigeria.

In the viral video, Akwa Okuko Tiwara Aki’s new PPP(Power Pass Power) Hotel in Oba, Anambra, is officially opened by Ven. Gideon Arinzechukwu Uzomechina.

Nigerian Church:

“The identification of such a film with the church of Nigeria has alarmed and troubled the Christian community as well as the general public (Anglican communion).”neither Ven. Gideon Arinzechukwu Uzomechina of Messiah Anglican Church in New Jersey, USA, nor Messiah Anglican New York Jersey, USA, are connected to the church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion).

Christians in Nigeria are not pleased with all that the video clip has become popular.

Comments are below:

May: Congratulation to Him, Anglican Priest launches kwá Okuku New Hotel in Oba today.Business is business, but I feel bad for the credulous.

Michael: How an Anglican priest inaugurated the new Akwa okuku hotel in the person of Jesus Christ is beyond me.Did Akwa likewise say “Amen”?He even carries the crucifixion that was dedicated in Jesus’ name, so what?

Wetin worries about Jesus using amadio In the name of Christ, this seems to be mocking.

Peter: Oh, Galatians!!! Anglican Priest goes to open am while a local doctor builds a hotel. Later, they went on to add, “Don’t judge,” or “Jesus ate with the tax collector.” All is good.

Chai is a saint The church breaks my heart.Here, an Anglican priest dedicates the PPP(Power Pass Power) Hotel in Akwa Okuko.

Ibrahima: Akwa Okuko’s hotel in Oba was inaugurated today by an Anglican priest.full evidence of tolerance for religion.Best wishes to Akwa Okuko Akira TiwaraI’m happy for Ndi Oba.To earn some cash; everything else, both material and immaterial, will be added to you.

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