Two Minors (Siblings) 3&6 Years Old Were Killed In A Mysterious Fire In Akwa Ibom.

In Udo Imuk Street, in the Eket local government area of Akwa Ibom state, a strange fire killed two children of the same parents who were 6 and 3 years old, bringing anguish among locals.

It was learned that the parents had locked the kids in the studio apartment while they walked out to get something, thinking they would be back soon.

Even though several newsmen who visited the spot on Saturday morning learned the tragic tragedy took place last Friday at around 7:00 pm, the cause of the flames could not be determined as of the time of publication.The neighbors claimed that when they saw the room destroyed by the mystery fire, they had no idea that the children were inside the apartment.

A guy named Prince Ekpo from the state’s Nsit Ubium Local Government area informed newsmen that the affected renter remarked, “I left the phone in the room to give light in the room for the children hoping to return soon,” while telling the incident.”My wife left earlier to make a purchase. My two children were found dead from burns when I returned and noticed a mob of people. We don’t know what started the fire.

Additionally, the building’s owners and landlords, Bright and Godwin Peter Udo Imuk, told reporters that they were unaware of the cause of the fire outbreak.

We just heard an explosive noise when the fire started, and when we went to check, it had destroyed the room and spread to our bedroom and parlor. Although we made an effort to evacuate our belongings, there was already significant damage.

They said, “We phoned for help to extinguish the fire, and I informed my brother that there were children inside the room, but before we rushed for their rescue, the children were cooked.

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