Herbalist Stroked By Lightning, Dies While Having S*x With A Pastor’s Wife In Ekiti

A middle-aged guy allegedly had sex with a woman at a hotel in Ikere Ekiti, the administrative center of the Ikere Local Government Area of Ekiti State, before collapsing and passing away.

According to sources, the event took place in the hotel room where the man—who has been named as a herbalist—met the woman on Monday.

A source expressed amazement at the incident and revealed that the woman was the wife of a minister in one of the local churches.The male passed away while having sex with the woman in the hotel room, he added.

When the woman noticed that the man had fallen, she called for help.The man was taken to a neighboring hospital where it was determined that he had passed away by the hotel management and a few locals who had hurried to the incident.

I’d like to think that the woman was infused spiritually with a native thunderbolt.After confirming the occurrence, Sunday Abutu, the state police’s public relations officer, stated an inquiry had started.We can confirm that the individual passed away on Monday in one of the hotels in Ikere, Ekiti, Abutu added.

His remains have been located and placed in a morgue. As we launch our investigations to determine the reason for the man’s death, we are questioning the woman in question.

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