Two NAF Officers Were Killed And One Was Injured At The Kwara Checkpoint By A Truck.

In Kwara State, a trailer lost brake and crashed into two Nigerian Air Force (NAF) officers, crushing them to death.

Tension between members of the air force and the local population resulted from the event, which happened near Pasa Bridge in Eyenkorin, roughly 200 meters from the NAF base.

Shola Muse, the community policing advisory committee’s secretary for Kwara State, stated that steps were being taken to contain the issue.Because of the growing tension, he said, “I have ordered the police command to come to the site and prevent any breakdown of law and order.”

When our reporter arrived on the location on Tuesday, there were stern-looking NAF officers and a patrol car with the license plate AF 496 C01.

According to a witness who only went by the name Alhaji Pasa, “The officers were on duty when the truck crushed two of them and badly injured one as it was nearing the air force checkpoint after its break failed.”

The truck driver tried to flee following the incident, but the officers shot him in the legs. The residents had requested that the checkpoint be moved, but to no effect.

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