COVID Surge: Rising Deaths In China Sparks Fear Over COVID Death Toll

The official Covid death toll has come under scrutiny as more and more deaths of prominent Chinese citizens are made public.

After China’s tight zero-Covid policy was abandoned in December, infections, and fatalities shot up dramatically.

Hospitals and crematoriums are reportedly becoming overcrowded.

However, the nation has stopped releasing daily case data and, according to its stringent standards, has only reported 22 Covid deaths since December.

Now, only fatal respiratory conditions like pneumonia are included in the statistics.

The World Health Organization (WHO) issued a warning on Wednesday, claiming that China was grossly underestimating Covid’s true toll in the nation, particularly in terms of fatalities.

How does China plan to counter its most recent Covid surge?
WHO cautions that China is underreporting Covid fatalities.
However, the passing of Chu Lanlan and other people has led to rumors of more casualties than those listed in official statistics.

Chu Lanlan was a soprano who specialized in Peking Opera, a kind of theater in which actors utilize speech, song, dance, and combat moves to tell stories, and who was also active in charity causes.

Given how young she was, Chu Lanlan’s passing away last month at the age of 40 shocked many.

Her family expressed their sorrow for her “abrupt departure,” but they did not provide any other information.

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