Indian Guy Kills Wife, Splits Her Body In Two, And Dumps The Pieces Into A Canal (See Reason)

Police said that the victim’s head and torso were placed in separate sacks and drowned in a canal, citing the husband’s apparent admission.

Police reported that they were looking for the body parts and retrieving them.

A guy was detained after he allegedly confessed to killing his wife, cutting the body in half, then concealing the pieces in bags and drowning them in a canal in Siliguri, north Bengal, a police officer said on Thursday.

Ten days after his wife vanished, the man admitted it to the police during questioning, the officer claimed.Mohd Ansarul allegedly strangled Renuka Khatun before chopping l body in half because he thought she was having an extramarital relationship, according to the police officer.

According to the authorities, who allegedly cited the husband’s supposed statement, the head and the torso were placed in two separate sacks and drowned in the Mahananda canal.

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