Avoid These Sexual Habits In 2023

Many people have ended themselves in the emergency room as a result of unsafe sexual behavior. You want to have as much fun as you can, but you don’t want to be hurt or ill.

DON’T: Inject strange substances into your body or experiment with kinks you are unfamiliar with.
Anything else is a road to illness, including placing food of any kind within sexual organs. The only objects that should be inside your body when having sex are your sexual organs or sex toys.

A safe sex toy is not a cucumber.
Okay, you recently purchased a new sex toy, but you have no idea how it functions. Learn, so you won’t electrocute yourself. Additionally, you were never taught how to utilize handcuffs, therefore you have no idea how to be unchained from a bed.

DON’T: Sex when intoxicated or high – Unless you’re with a person you know and trust, doing drugs and sex together is not a good idea. Even though a lot of individuals claim that having sex while intoxicated makes them more sensitive and removes inhibitions, many (bad) things might happen when you don’t have any inhibitions during sex.

Even worse, you are more prone to make decisions you’ll come to regret if you overestimate your power and wake up with bruises.

Drunk sex should even be avoided because there is no sense since you won’t remember anything. Manage your alcohol intake, and refuse to have sex with someone who is intoxicated no matter how much they beg you to.

One-night stands at your age or paying for sex—for real though? Okay, I understand if you want to check it off your sexual bucket list, but not if you frequently have sex with total strangers or, even worse, pay for sex. Beyond the effects on health, it’s disturbing psychologically.

Limit the number of people you have sex with, whether you are married or single because we know that married people aren’t as monogamous either. This includes having a threesome with a random stranger. I’m not saying “leave woman and man and touch God,” but you shouldn’t have sex with too many people.

In addition to the risk of catching STIs, even if you are confident in your own sexual well-being, you cannot be sure of the other person’s, and because of your lack of control, you risk betraying trust and breaking hearts.

Lack of protection – All these behaviors are linked, so stop telling people you enjoy it raw when you’re just getting to know them or aren’t sure of them. Don’t you like yourself?

Use a condom, I’m just trying to advise, because you don’t want to get pregnant or have a pregnancy scare. Abortions are controversial and illegal in Nigeria.

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