Mum Murdered And Dismembered 2 Years Old Toddler Cause He Wouldn’t Eat

After the mother killed her infant son and pretended he had been abducted in an attempt to hide the crime, a jury convicted her guilty of first-degree murder.

The mother of a 23-month-old child killed and dismembered him because he “wouldn’t eat” or “listen.” After less than 90 minutes of deliberation, a jury found Nakira Griner, 24, guilty of first-degree murder, endangering the welfare of a child, desecration of human remains, and tampering with evidence.

After being viciously attacked in the street, she reportedly told police that her son, Daniel Griner Jr., had been kidnapped at first.

She alleged that once she went to the ground, her attacker kicked her again, this time in the head and side.

She told authorities that when she looked up, her son and the stroller had vanished. A few blocks away, police discovered the pram with only Daniel’s sneakers inside.

The child’s burned, dismembered bones were found buried in the yard of his home after a thorough search; an autopsy confirmed that he had been battered to death. The boy allegedly fell down a set of stairs in the family home inadvertently, according to the prosecution, but Griner said in phone calls from jail that she “did what she did to him” to hide bruises.

According to the criminal complaint, Griner later admitted to hitting Daniel because he wouldn’t “eat nor listen to her.”

According to the allegation, Griner acknowledged hitting the youngster so hard that she received bruises.

At Griner’s residence on Woodland Drive in Cumberland County, New Jersey, a charred body belonging to Daniel was discovered buried beneath a shed.

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