Boy Terribly Injured After Being Yanked Off Bike And Mauled By Pit Bulls (Warning: Graphic Images)

After being pulled off his bike and attacked by three pit bulls while riding through his Georgia neighborhood, an 11-year-old boy is missing 70% of his scalp, according to his family.

Justin Gilstrap was hospitalized after the incident near Grovetown because he had serious bites on both of his legs and a damaged scalp.

According to a post by his mother, Justin’s leg wound was so bad that it could not be closed and he almost lost an ear.

When the three dogs commenced their vicious attack on Friday and dragged the small child into a ditch by the side of the road, Justin’s cousin Mason Aguilar, 11, called 911.

The canines’ owner, Burt Baker, told authorities that his dogs like to chase people on bicycles. Shortly after, Baker was taken into custody and accused of acting recklessly.

Ericka Gilstrap, Justin’s mother, said, “There isn’t an inch of his body that isn’t covered in a cut or bruise. “He’ll never live the same life again.”

In addition, Ericka said, “I don’t want any mom to have to sit next to their baby like I am doing right now.

Mason, Justin’s cousin, remembered how he yelled for assistance, remarking that Justin “can take on three pit bulls.” He is incredibly resilient.

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