Worldwide Applications To Study Web3 Exceed 80,000, – Binance Charity

Applications to study Web3 education have reached 82,200 in just six months, according to data from Binance Charity. In 2022, projects in France, Senegal, Nigeria, Australia, Germany, Cyprus, Ukraine, South Africa, and Brazil received over $2.2 million in BUSD in donations, enabling students to take free Web3-related courses.

Our donations have so far helped to pay for 259,180 hours of classroom instruction, boot camps, and community seminars. The overall number of scholarship spots that Binance Charity will grant is 67,155, but many of these have not even begun to accept applications. The University of Western Australia, the University of Nicosia, the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management – Blockchain Center, Simplon, Utiva and Women in Tech, the Kyiv IT Cluster, and the Ministry of Digital Transformation in Ukraine are among the prestigious academic and professional institutions with which Binance Charity is collaborating to deliver these projects.

The overwhelming interest in learning about blockchain, De-Fi, NFTs, coding, and other topics is demonstrated by the response to our Web3 education projects, which has been unprecedented. Additionally, a large percentage of women are showing interest, which is something I am very enthusiastic about. We are also seeing interest from a wide variety of people. We’ve never been more eager to create a more inclusive Web3 environment thanks to so many more education efforts and incredible pipeline partners. Helen Hai, the director of Binance Charity, said.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Transformation, IT Generation launched the global Binance Charity Scholar Program in June. The program’s goal is to assist Eastern Ukrainians who have lost their jobs due to the conflict in retraining and reentering the job market in Western Ukraine.

With the help of the Frankfurt School of Blockchain in Germany, further projects include vocational training for 10,000 people, including a special course for 2000 women that aims to close the gender gap in the ecosystem and increase the diversity of the talent pool. We’ve teamed up with Simplon in France to give 10,000 people from underserved areas the opportunity to learn, study, and work in the burgeoning blockchain sector. Unemployment in France is rising quickly.

“What we saw was fascinating; I had some prior knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry, but this time I learned about blockchain technology. I had no clue you could accomplish so much with it, but it was obvious. I’m eager to learn more. Terry Genly, a Simplon student, remarks.

We’re collaborating with Women in Tech in Brazil and South Africa to offer vocational training to 2,800 women in rural regions, fostering future business ventures and job creation. Additionally, UTIVA in Nigeria teaches Blockchain/Web3 to 50,000 young people and offers scholarships to 1,000 Africans for a one-year intensive skill training program to help them find jobs.

There are both online and offline courses available, with durations ranging from quick introductory sessions to a full year. Blockchain applications, coding, cryptocurrencies, decentralization, NFT, Metaverse, Fan token, and trading are among the topics covered. The education program of Binance Charity is just getting started; later this year, other projects are expected to be revealed.

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