Baby Dies From Tramadol Overdose Fed By Mum To Go Clubbing

A lady who allegedly gave her infant tramadol and then went clubbing has reportedly been detained by the Cameroonian police.

The mother gave the infant the medicine so the youngster could sleep while the mother went out to party with friends, according to the Instagram user who shared the story along with images of the woman and the dead baby.

According to reports, the incident took place in the South-West Cameroon region, namely in the Likombo neighborhood of Tiko.

It was further found that the woman who gave the infant the medicine then locked him in the house before leaving.

She sounded the alarm when she returned and saw the kid laying there dead where she had placed him. It was further revealed that she had been assaulted by neighborhood people before the cops came to her aid and took her away.

“This lady you see here committed an atrocity last night in Likomba, Tiko,” said the report’s caption. Despite having a young infant in her arms who was just a few months old, she wanted to go out partying with friends.

“She couldn’t take him to the club, so the only thing stopping her was the helpless youngster. What did this girl do, then? To help him get a good night’s sleep, she chose to give him tramadol. She can go out and party with her buddies this way. “She locked the infant inside the house while giving him the tramadol. The infant passed away as a result of the heavy drugs she gave him, she learned when she got home this morning.

“Likomba locals attacked her and severely battered her. The girl is currently being held in custody after intervention from law enforcement agencies. The infant was buried. May the innocent baby’s soul rest in peace.

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