Fuel Shortage, Redesign Of Naira Notes, Are Schemes To Sabotage My Chances – Tinubu

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate for president, claimed on Wednesday that the present fuel shortage and naira redesign were components of a plot by some influential people to undermine the 2023 general election.

According to Tinubu, the shortage of the newly redesigned Naira notes and the fuel crisis was fraudulently induced to dissuade Nigerians from voting for the APC.

The APC presidential contender urged the populace to maintain their resolve and thwart any attempts to rig the poll.

With the introduction of a student loan scheme, Tinubu pledged that no Nigerian student would be prevented from finishing their education due to the cost of tuition.

“I promise you that there will be student loans and that no one will leave school due to costs.

“No one will have to take the same class eight times in a row to fail to graduate.

He declared, “We will make a four-year degree into a four-year course because we are too smart, brilliant, and brave.”

He added that his administration will make every effort to guarantee that the cost of petrol is manageable for all Nigerians while describing the upcoming general election as a revolution that would transform the nation.

He said that the fuel shortage was intentionally contrived to thwart his bid for the presidency.

Additionally, he said that there were elaborate plans against him and covert actions to sabotage the 2023 election, adding that nothing would prevent him from winning on February 25.

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