Vote Out Candidates With Defective Policies – NLC Advises Employees

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has once more asked workers in the nation to make sure they cast their ballots in the upcoming general election to pick leaders who can be trusted.

Workers should be careful to prevent political parties and politicians with anti-people ideas from gaining power, it further stated.

The NLC also called for immediate action to evaluate the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) ongoing naira redesign initiative, including the extension of its deadlines.

Ayuba Wabba, the outgoing president of the NLC, said people were tired of all bad governance and the suffering it had caused the populace over the years during an interactive session with labor media yesterday in Abuja.

He claimed that since there were many workers in the nation, a popular government will be quickly installed in the upcoming election as a result of their influence.

“We need more workers in politics and at the top of the government’s affairs, people who can grasp the perspective of workers,” Wabba remarked.

“Our employees are already on the ground organizing and running campaigns to ensure that only labor-friendly candidates win office in the upcoming general election. In Abia state, the labor party has already made progress. We are sick and weary of politicians making empty promises,” he remarked.

The NLC president expressed the steadfastness of organized labor’s decision to back Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi, saying that the ratification of the worker’s Charter of Demand sealed the deal between the party and the labor movement.

He asserted that the workers reserved the right to withhold their support for any candidate who failed to pass their integrity test or violated their Charter of Demand, particularly at the state levels, and that this made the support for the Labour Party unwholesome.

Workers in the affected states have been advised to reject the candidates being sponsored by them at the polls in light of the NLC’s complaint against some state governors whom it accused of enacting anti-workers policies during their tenure.

When asked to comment on the CBN’s attempt to redesign the naira, Wabba called it “crisis-ridden” and said it had made life even harder for the country’s poorest residents, particularly those who resided in rural areas.

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