10-year-old Girl Killed By Rapist Who Was Released From Jail Two Days Prior

Just two days after being released from prison, a convicted rapist fatally killed a 10-year-old girl.

Maria Camila Plazas allegedly pleaded for mercy while she fought off her assailant and died as a result.

She allegedly suffered four stab wounds, and the suspect, Jonathan Francisco Garcia Tapias, 27, is accused of doing so.

Garcia Tapias allegedly entered the family’s Pitalito, Colombia, house on Friday, January 27, to sexually abuse the young girl before carrying out the horrific attack, according to the prosecution.

To halt Garcia Tapias, her grandma Luz Marina Valderrama Luna, 67, also suffered injuries.

In Huila, southwest Colombia, neighbors hurried the pair to San Antonio Hospital, but Maria passed away from several wounds.

According to sources, her grandmother is in a severe state.

According to the Colombian newspaper Semana, the family’s pet dog also passed away while attempting to defend Maria during the experience.

Natalia Luna, Maria’s cousin, remarked: “They took an angel, they took an innocent life.”

She had a lot of hopes and ambitions for her life, according to her mother, who chose not to give her name.

She desired to protect animals, become a teacher, and work as a police officer to apprehend criminals.

She was the only child I had.

Garcia Tapias ran away after the incident, but police later located him and took him to arrest.

On January 25, he was released from custody, albeit it’s unknown why.

Colonel Gustavo Adolfo Camargo, the head of the Huila Police, stated: “We were able to apprehend the suspected offender, who had just been freed from prison after serving a rape sentence.

The alleged murderer was found under a bridge where he was attempting to hide from his impending capture because of the police’s quick response.

Police would “do everything possible so that the full weight of the law falls on him,” Colonel Camargo vowed.

As of right now, Garcia Tapias is facing charges in Colombia for attempted aggravated homicide, aggravated homicide, and aggravated animal mistreatment.

He allegedly had blood stains on his clothes and was found to have a knife.

The Prosecutor’s Office continued, “The defendant did not accept the charges and received a measure of imprisonment in prison.”

The incident’s circumstances are the subject of an ongoing investigation.

On Saturday, Jan. 28, locals participated in a march to demonstrate their support for Maria’s family.

Her memorial service was held yesterday, January 30.

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