Man Receives Death Penalty After Killing Four People And Using Their Intestines To Make Porridge

Bestman Lekia was given a death-by-hanging sentence by the Rivers State High Court for murdering four persons and using one of their intestines to make plantain porridge.

Additionally, Lekia is said to have set structures on fire in a village in the state’s Khana Local Government Area.

Murdered were Gbodu Nobale, Etim Ekpe, Nenalebarri Mmeabe, and Loveday Mmeabe by the convicted criminal and alleged accomplices still at large.

In Okwalie community in Khana area in 2019, Loveday Mmeabe was first abducted by Lekia and his gang. They then transported him to a location where they removed his intestines and used them to prepare a plantain feast.

Justice Adolphus Enebeli, the trial judge, declared Lekia guilty of murder, kidnapping, cultism, and armed robbery, saying the prosecution lawyer had established his case beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Lekia’s demeanor during his trial, according to Justice Enebeli, demonstrated that he was a seasoned criminal, cultist, and terrorist.

He decreed that Lekia should be hanged around his neck until his demise was established.

Chidi Ekeh, the state’s attorney general, called the ruling erudite and claimed it will save the Ogoni people and Rivers State.

Ekeh claimed that even though he was sorry to see someone die, the state would have failed if Lekia had been permitted to escape punishment.

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