REVEALED: The Abortion Method Used By High School Students Using Cloth Hanger

Again, nothing in this world is shocking. This article discusses how girls are now aborting on clothes hangers.

I believe I have seen and read everything there is to know about girls using clothes hangers for abortion, therefore I’m giving my eyes and ears to charity.

According to a recent revelation that has gone viral on social media, SHS girls have used some creative methods to end undesired pregnancies.

The anonymous revealer claims that SHS girls are now performing abortions with clothing hangers, which has caused a stir on social media.

According to the woman who posted this embarrassing tidbit on social media, the women either use a lighter or a fire in the kitchen to sanitize the hanger’s neck. They first sterilize the hanger’s neck and pointed side before inserting it into their vaginas like a dildo and twisting it to force the fetus to exit the mother’s womb.

The junior students are required to lend part of their pads to their senior who is bleeding because the women who utilize this method occasionally bleed significantly.

Through the dreadful “Go To Hell” process, some unfortunate people also pass away.

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