Atiku Was About To Be Roasted By Obasanjo, I Rescued Him — Tinubu

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the APC’s presidential candidate, said yesterday that he “rescued” Atiku Abubakar, the PDP’s presidential candidate, from former president Olusegun Obasanjo.

This occurred when the Akwa Ibom State chapter of the APC gave assurances that they will support Tinubu in the presidential election on February 25.

Abubakar and his party were just about “stomach infrastructure,” according to Tinubu, who was speaking at the party’s presidential rally at the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium in Uyo. Ice cream is all they have; they don’t have a mandate. It is now melted. Obasanjo planned to roast him like goat meat, but I was the one who saved him.

“He fled to Dubai and returned for the stomach infrastructure during the subsequent election. He visited Lagos. He was given a ticket as part of our rehabilitation process, but he spent it and utilized it to make money.

He failed to defeat Obasanjo and Buhari. Jonathan was a mistake. He was unsuccessful in every topic.

“You best keep an eye on him before he starts selling the little palm plants you still have. Developing our nation is what we must do. There are ample gas reserves in our country.

“Akwa Ibom, you won’t endure pain ever again. Say enough is enough for that boy (Governor Emmanuel Udom), who brought Atiku here and called himself the governor. In Lagos, he resided in my backyard. If we weren’t already one, I would have driven him home.

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