PDP Candidate: What I’ll Do If I Lose The Presidential Election – Abubakar Atiku

Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) nominee for president, stated that he would accept defeat if he lost the election on February 25 because “I am not the first loser nor am I going to be the last.”

Aside from nothing being discovered, he continued, all charges of corruption against him had been looked into.

“From what I know, more people in this country have looked into any claims of corruption against me than anyone else, and nothing has been discovered. There was nothing new revealed in that tape, he claimed.

When asked why he wanted to be president of Nigeria, Atiku responded that he had a large family and wanted to leave a better country for them as well as for the next generations.

“First of all, let me begin from a private perspective. I have many children, and I have raised them well and sent them to the best schools both in Nigeria and abroad as I regularly tell my children, “I have lived my life. If I should bring them all back home, what kind of a country am I going to leave for them? And this thinking that I have is thinking that every parent in this country has. what kind of a country am I going to leave for my kids? Is it a better

This is one of the reasons I’ve persisted in running for politics in this country, not just for my children but for everyone else’s children who will live here in the future.

Additionally, he stated that he would consider it good fortune if he lost the presidential election scheduled for February 25, 2005.

That is my fate, and I accept it in good faith since I am not the first loser and I won’t be the last, he said.

“The only medical issue I have is from a fall down a staircase in 2006, which happened to be an election year like this. I went to Germany for treatment, but I didn’t need a fracture; I just had what’s known as a tendon rupture, and the tendon was brought back in. That’s the only illness I have, and if the electoral authorities order us to provide our medical records, I’m prepared to do so.

“Whatever medical care I need is available in this country, I will use it, but if it isn’t, what do you want me to do? to lie down and pass away?

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