Man Sets Wife On Fire For Washing His Clothes Instead Of Giving Him Food

The Ogun State Police Command detained a 46-year-old man named Hassan Azeez for reportedly dousing his wife in gasoline and lighting her ablaze.

According to a statement made by SP Abimbola Oyeyemi, the state police command’s spokesperson, the suspect was apprehended after the victim’s father reported to the Ibogun divisional headquarters that his daughter, Olayinka Hassan, had been set ablaze by her husband on October 22, 2022, as a result of a minor argument, and that the victim, a mother of one, had been rushed to an Ibadan hospital.

Following the report, CSP Samuel Oladele of the DPO Ibogun division promptly gathered his guys and headed toward the crime scene. But the culprit had already fled when I arrived. Since then, police officers have been hunting him down, and on January 22, they finally caught him.

When questioned, the suspect who had claimed to have fled to the Benin Republic admitted to committing the crime but put the responsibility on the devil.

He claims that when he asked the victim to make him food, she was busy washing clothes instead of making him anything. He continued by saying that he became irritated because he was hungry, and that the irritability led him to pour gasoline on her and light her on fire. He admitted that the woman was washing his clothing when he inquired whose clothes she was cleaning. Oyeyemi stated

The state Criminal Investigation Department’s Homicide division has received the suspect to do additional research and perhaps bring charges.

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