APC Chair Says Bullion Vans Found In Tinubu’s Home During 2019 Election Lost Their Way, After Tinubu Acknowledged The Money Was His

The All Progressives Congress (APC presidential)’s candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, lived in the bullion van during the 2019 general election. According to Ayodele Adewale, the APC’s Lagos State Organising Secretary, the bullion van got lost and ended up in the complex.

This was said by Adewale yesterday while he was a guest on “The Morning Show,” an Arise News breakfast program.

His assertion, however, conflicted with Tinubu’s position, who, when questioned by reporters to explain why the bullion van was at his house, did not dispute ownership of the contents of the truck but instead posed a rhetorical question, asking if the money was his own or the government’s.

“I think that subject has been settled about the bullion van or no bullion van and everything else,” Adewale remarked. The bullion van was empty of cash. Even the bullion vans that arrived missed their way to get there.

It was not election day when I was in the residence on that specific day. The bullion vans took the wrong route to get there.

Adewale continued, “There are some businesses that employ a lot of people and pay them in cash; the bullion van missed the event and was not invited by Asiwaju or anyone else.”

However, Tinubu had asked: “Excuse me, is this government money or my money, I’m not employed by the government. I am not employed by a government agency, so please don’t say that I have received contracts from the APC or the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari during the past five years. They must offer evidence.

“I work alone and am dedicated to my party. So what’s your problem, even if I have money to spend on my property? If I don’t represent any government organization and I have money to spare, I can offer it to the public for free so long as it isn’t used to buy votes.

Who is watching after my home or the bullion vans? They submit inaccurate information, so they must be troublemakers. They are lazy and dishonest.

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