Ladies: Here Are Five Things You Shouldn’t Do After Having S*x

Your post-coitus behavior might have a significant negative effect on your health.

The most satisfying type of closeness a couple may experience in their relationship is by having sex.

While there are numerous suggestions and techniques for increasing intimacy with your spouse, there are additional health aspects to take into account following sexual activity.

To ensure that you are safeguarding both yourself and the person you are associated with following intimacy, it is crucial to take the appropriate action.

  1. Hurry to the restroom

While it is true that taking it easy after sex might help cleanse the urethral canal of any germs acquired during sex that could cause uncomfortable UTIs, you don’t have to ruin the moment by doing it immediately away.

  1. Sleeping in underwear

Because of perspiration, vaginal fluids, and semen, your skin usually feels warm and damp after having sex. When you sleep in your underwear, moisture is trapped and you run the risk of developing a yeast infection.

3. Use wet wipes:

Using a flushable wet wipe after sex can irritate you if you’re allergic to substances like alcohol, glycerin, fragrances, and certain oils because you’re more likely to experience skin problems after sexual activity.

  1. Use soap to clean your vagina:

You might be tempted to wash your privates with soap, but since the vagina is a self-cleaning organ, there is no reason to use soap or other cleaning agents there. All oils or fluids should be removed with a simple rinse in warm, clean water.

  1. Shave immediately after sex:

Shaving immediately after sex increases your risk of developing irritation since women’s genital areas receive more blood during sex, making them particularly sensitive.

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