Oshiomhole Charged By The Edo Government For Instigating The Protest

Just four hours after violent protest rocked Benin City, the capital of Edo State, over the lack of new naira notes while the old ones were being rejected, the Edo State Government has called on security agencies to arrest and investigate the former Governor Adams Oshiomhole, accusing him of being the protests’ organizer.

At a news conference in Benin, the commissioner for communication and orientation, Chris Nehikhare, based his accusation on a recent viral video in which he said the former governor gave orders to his supporters to threaten alleged rivals.

He claimed that in addition to the scarcity of naira notes, a survey of the demonstrators revealed that Oshiomhole allegedly planned the demonstration with the knowledge that his party would lose the upcoming general elections.

He has to be detained and held accountable for his movements over the past three days, according to Nehikhare. Because his government and his party, the APC, are about to lose the upcoming election, Oshiomhole deliberately instigated the protest. I’m sure you’re all aware of this because a few days ago, Oshiomhole was seen on camera encouraging residents of Benin City to go on the rampage and bring anarchy to our state.

“I know that the dearth of the naira was a contributing factor, but even if that is the case, all Nigerians ought to be aware that the APC, the party in charge of the policy, is also the one tearing down PDP billboards in Edo State at the moment. “A gantry that was over 50 feet high was demolished by APC supporters as they seemed to be opposing the naira policy. PDP It is clear that this is politically motivated, and we are specifically blaming Adams Oshiomhole for what he said about unleashing his “lions and Tigers” to go against the laws of the land because he desperately wants to be a part of the next government. Is not in government that is responsible for the policy; instead, those responsible are the APC.

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